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Create Spelling Lists

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WinFlash Educator provides a very easy way to create files for learning spelling words. This method utilizes Educator's text-to-speech capability - here's how:

1. Create a new study file - see Quickly Create a Text-based Study File if you need help with this step.

2. In the editor, enter each spelling word on the list in the Question Text edit box of successive pairs.  The fastest way to do this is to use the Quick Deck page. Enter the word in the Question box then tab twice to reach the next Question box - repeat until the whole list is entered. Save the file and close the editor.

3. In Options|Q&A Modes|Settings Common To All Modes select Automatic Spelling Mode Using Text-to-speech.

4. In Options|View|Alignment select Center Text Horizontally and Center Text Vertically.

5. OK the option selections.

Your file should now present you with a text-to-speech word for the question, allowing you to type in the word as the answer.  After clicking the Check button, the correctly-spelled word will be displayed as the answer - automatically scored - with the flashing right or wrong graphic indicating the correctness of your entry.

Note: In order for this method to operate properly, your speakers must be on and your computer's Text-to-Speech capability must be functioning correctly. To check this, click the Speaker button on the main menu bar (second from the right) a couple of times.  It should say "Text-to-speech is now on" and "Text-to-speech is now off" alternatively as you click the button.  If this does not happen, you'll need to troubleshoot your system until this does work correctly (perhaps the mute is on or there's no power to the external speakers, etc.).  Once this is working correctly, you'll be able to run your spelling list study file.



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