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Some of the problems users have encountered are listed here.  If your problem isn't addressed, please feel free to contact Open Window Software  as described in the Obtaining Support section.

When I delete a Q&A pair during a study session, my session restarts from the beginning - is there a way to avoid this?

Yes - just select the Options|Q&A Modes|Resume Previous Session On Opening Study File option.  This will save your session's position through the reload that occurs when you delete a Q&A pair during a study session.


I get a  "Unhandled Exception Error Occurred" message on starting up WinFlash - what's this about?


Check in Control Panel under printers to be sure you have at least one printer installed.  If you have no printer attached to your computer, install the Generic Printer to the File: port - this may prove useful in any case.  Once you have a printer installed this error should go away.


I'm trying to use .WAV file with a Question, but I don't get any sound from my computer when this Question comes up.

There are MANY possible reasons that this can happen.  To make sure that your computer is set up properly to play .WAV files, try double-clicking on the file FANFARE.WAV in WinFlash's ..\Tutorial directory while in My Computer.  This should open the Media Player Windows applet.  Play the file by pressing the > button.  If this also does not produce a sound, see your Windows documentation on loading drivers to support system sounds.  Similarly, if the problem is with a .MID file, try double clicking on the file BALLGAME.MID in the directory above in My Computer.  Make sure that Options|View|Enable Audio/Video is checked.

I'm trying to include a .BMP or .WAV file as a Question or Answer, but I get an error message saying "The .BMP (or .WAV) Path Referenced In Question #... In [name of the Q&A file], [name of the .BMP (or .WAV) file] does not exist".

This error is most often caused by entering the file manually rather than selecting it in the editor's browser.  It can also be caused by having changed the location of the .BMP file or the selections in the Directories page of the Options dialog since the study file was created.

I'm creating my own .BMP files with the Windows PaintBrush applet, but when I try to use the file in WinFlash, the image either does not appear or only a portion of it appears, even though the size of the WinFlash dialog box is more than large enough to display my image.

PaintBrush saves a very large file by default, not knowing how large the white space included with your image is.  To keep down the .BMP file size and have  your image centered within it,  select the rectangular Cut tool (the scissors with the rectangular dotted box) and position a box that encloses your image the way you wish to see it framed in WinFlash.  Next select Edit|Copy To from the menu and enter the filename you wish to use for the .BMP file.  This will result in a compact file that will display properly in WinFlash.

I created a large .FLS file using a regular ANSI editor and after editing it with the WinFlash editor, many of the Q&A pairs are missing.  What happened??

The problem here is that if WinFlash doesn't recognize some of your input as valid Q&A pairs, it will not load them.  Then, if you edit some of the content that WAS loaded, WinFlash will write back to the .FLS file ONLY THOSE Q&A PAIRS IT "UNDERSTOOD".  To help protect against this problem, you may want to make periodic copies of your files to another directory for backup.  WinFlash Educator includes a built-in Backup function on the Educator menu.  The bottom line is: YOU MUST BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN EDITING OUTSIDE THE WINFLASH EDITOR!!


I'm using the Create Composite Source File dialog, but I can't get my selections to transfer to the Output Panel using the green "down arrow".


This is caused when a file has identical text for all questions.  No text is considered identical, as in the case where the question is just a graphic with no text entered.  To work around this problem, check the Allow Duplicates checkbox at the bottom of the dialog.


For problems which may have been discovered recently, click


to see if a workaround already exists or send an e-mail to


including as much detail about the problem as you can. What is especially helpful is a description of an exact sequence of steps that will cause the problem to occur.






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