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Welcome To WinFlash

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Thank you for using one of our WinFlash programs. We're sure that WinFlash will become an indispensable aid in mastering your studies! WinFlash was written to help you quickly learn any material that can be represented in textual, graphical or audio formats. You can use it to easily create a text-only file for a fast topic review or put its powerful editing capabilities to work creating sophisticated learning tools for long-term use. The multiple-mode prioritization capabilities help you concentrate on difficult facts with a variety of strategies. Click Getting Started for help with your first experiences with the program. Also see How Do I for links to many of the most-frequently-asked questions.

Over its history, WinFlash has been repeatedly recognized as the leading program of its type, winning Shareware Industry Awards for Best Educational Program and Educational Shareware Cooperative's People's Choice Awards as well as many 5-star rankings from popular download sites. Visit our Trophy Case.

This release continues to expand WinFlash's power, flexibility and ease-of-use. Our users are equally enthusiastic:

...this system has produced an incredible about-face with an average grade now of 95. I can't tell you how relieved I am to finally find something that works!

...Of all the shareware programs I have ever used, I have gotten the most value out of WinFlash.


...We use your program every week to help my middle daughter with her spelling.  We call it the " 'A' Maker"!


… I made extensive use of WinFlash in my revision for Finals at Oxford University. It turned out to be very helpful for memorizing details to impress the examiners. I eventually got a First Class degree and came third in Oxford (out of 101).


Click here to see more comments from our users.

Please give WinFlash Basic, Scholar or Educator a try in your learning or teaching situation!!





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