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Your First WinFlash Study File - New England's State Capitals

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Ok, let's get started! You might want to print out this help topic for easy reference. For subject matter we'll draw from the geography and history of the USA's New England states.  To create your first WinFlash study file,  just follow the steps below:


1. Start WinFlash.


2. Click on the File|New menu item.


3. Change the directory selection in the Create New WinFlash Source File dialog  to the Tutorial folder located in the My WinFlash Files folder (this folder is, itself, located in the My Documents folder should you need to search for it in the future). Click here for help in navigating to the Tutorial folder.


4. When you are in the correct directory, the files box should show the files HISTORY.FLU, ONECAPS1.FLU, ONECAPS2.FLU, ONECAPS3.FLU and ONECAPS4.FLU. The ONECAPS files are provided for your reference and are "snapshots" of the file you'll be building as it stands at the end of the first, third, fourth and sixth sessions, respectively.


Note: If you don't see the .FLU file extensions following the names of the files and wish to be able to view file extensions on your computer (a good idea), click here for instructions on how to change this setting.


5. Enter the filename NECAPS  (New England Capitals) in the Filename edit box and click the Save button - WinFlash will add the .FLU file extension automatically.


The WinFlash editor will now appear, open to the first Question&Answer pair in NECAPS.FLU.  A new .FLU file is created with the minimum three Q&A pairs filled in with "dummy" text for the three questions and answers.  We are now ready to overwrite these place holders with our own information. The editor opens automatically to the first Q&A pair with the dummy text for the Question already selected.


6. While the text is selected (highlighted), type Maine .  This will replace the selected text with "Maine".


7. Now type the 'Tab' key - this will move the cursor into the Text for Answer edit window and automatically select this dummy text as well. Simply type Augusta to enter the answer for the first Q&A pair.


8. Again type the 'Tab' key - this will move us to the second Q&A pair and automatically highlight the Question Text.


9. Replace "Second dummy question" with New Hampshire, then tab to the Answer Text edit window and replace "Second dummy answer" with Concord.


10. Move (by hitting Tab) to Q&A pair 3.


11.  Replace "Third dummy question" with Vermont, then go to the Answer Text edit window and replace "Third dummy answer" with Montpelier.


Well, that completes our replacement of the dummy questions, but what to do with Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island? Time to add more Q&A pairs to the file!


12. Simply hit Tab again - this will bring up a new Q&A pair, pair 4, ready for us to edit.


13. Enter Massachusetts  in the Question and Boston in the Answer edit boxes.


14. Add Q&A pair 5 (by hitting Tab after entering Boston) and enter Connecticut in the Question and Hartford in the Answer edit boxes.


15. Add Q&A pair 6 and enter Rhode Island in the Question and Providence in the Answer edit boxes.


16. OK, we're done! Click the Save button at the top right of the editor to save your work.


17. Click the Close button or type Alt-e.  Either action will close the editor and return to the study mode.


18. Now click through your newly-completed file (by clicking the Display The Answer button when the Question is displayed and either the Correct or Incorrect button when the Answer is displayed) and check out your handiwork!  If you're curious about the meaning of the numbers that appear at the top of the Question and Answer dialogs, you can read about them here.


19.To complete this segment, close the file by clicking on the File|Exit This Q&A File menu item.


Congratulations - You've created your first WinFlash study file!!


The second exercise will use the file that you've just created as a starting point.  If you'd like to continue with that exercise now, just click Categories, Hints, Comments and More!!





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