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ASP members are known world-wide for creating quality software at reasonable prices. Save time and money with the try-before-you-buy method. Visit the official ASP download site if you wish to download free evaluation copies of members' products. Each month we will provide links to a random set of participating members.  We encourage you to check out their products and check back frequently for additional featured members.

This month's featured members:

Wheatworks Software, LLC Wheatworks Software, LLC creates award-winning financial calculators for consumers, professionals and companies in the real estate, investment, mortgage and financial services industries.

PCNet-Online Complete support for PC users; community, software and hardware reviews, downloads, and tutorials. In continuous online operation since 1983!

AlfaAlfa Software Our flagship program is AlfaPad Notes Organizer - a text editor that lets you organize your notes in a tree-like Windows Explorer form. Once you create a category and a few notes inside it, you can move them around and arrange in all possible ways.

HydeSoft Computing Developer of DPlot, a general purpose graphing program designed for scientists, engineers, and students. It features multiple scaling types, including linear, logarithmic, and probability scales, as well as several special purpose plots: tripartite grids (shock spectra), grain size distribution plots, polar plots, contour plots of 3D data, and box-and-whisker plots and dot graphs of one or more 1D samples. Manipulation functions include FFT, filtering, and smoothing. Data can be input via a variety of file formats, copied from the clipboard, sent to DPlot from another program via dynamic data exchange or through provided DLL interface, or generated by formula. Source code for example Visual Basic and C demo driver programs are included.

MAG Softwrx, Inc. Home of Timeless Time & Expense - the detail project based time and expense tracking software that doesn't take all your time. Timeless Time & Expense comes in single-user or multi-user versions with each optimized accordingly.

Programming Sunrise Ltd. At Programming Sunrise Ltd. we believe software does not need to be complicated and bulky to be impressive. All of our programs incorporate the latest technology and features, yet they remain small and powerful. We offer you programs that place emphasis on ease of operation and with how useful they can be for you. We listen to what users say.

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