Download Problems

It is not unusual to experience download problems during times of heavy internet usage. If your download of one of our programs gives a message of "...corrupt download file" or similar message then it is likely your download terminated before obtaining the complete file. Look at the file sizes below to see if the file you downloaded is the correct size:

WinFlash Educator v12.00.02 (flase.exe) - 11584568 bytes

WinFlash Scholar v12.00.02 (flashsc.exe) - 10952984 bytes

WinFlash Basic v12.00.02 (flash32.exe) - 9902080 bytes

If it is not, please try the download operation again. In difficult situations, sometimes it helps to wait until a quiet time (late in the evening, early in the morning) to improve the chances of getting a completed download.

If you experience a continuing problem downloading from our site, please try the proper link below and download from one of Free Downloads' mirrored servers:

Alternate Download for WinFlash Educator

Alternate Download for WinFlash Scholar

Alternate Download for WinFlash Basic

Note: Free Downloads' versions are not updated to the latest release for 1-2 weeks after the release, allowing time to catch any critical bugs that may have crept in because of changes to the latest version.

If you cannot seem to get a download that works, please contact us at our support e-mail here and let us know. Tell us the circumstances of the problem you're experiencing, who your Internet Service Provider is and anything you think might help us help you try out our program!