What's New In Version 12?!


WinFlash Basic, Scholar, and Educator

WinFlash is available in three forms - Basic, Scholar and Educator. The features below are divided into three categories, reflecting the three program levels. Click here to view a concise table comparing the features of the three programs.  Click here to see what was new in Version 11.0.


The following new features are available in all three WinFlash versions:

Jumpstart option for Leitner prevents the promotion of Box 1 pairs, thus keeping them 'always due'.  This allows frequent review of newly-added material if desired
"Mercy" feature allows all Leitner due dates to be moved back - or forward for the masochistically-inclined
Height of fill-in-the-blank edit boxes now optionally scales with the height of the Question dialog, allowing for multi-line FIB answers and/or larger fonts
Popup menu selection added for Go To Previous Pair in study mode
Fast timed mode now allows pairs to be shown in random order
Expanded/updated Help 


The following new features are available in WinFlash Scholar and Educator:

Study files in multi-user mode now store ALL options on a per-user basis - each user can set favorite colors, fonts, etc.
Full range of filtering options is now directly accessible from the Print Cards, Print Tables and Print Tests dialogs
Pair order can be randomized when printing tables and tests
Batch font operations can be performed selectively on Q, A, MC, FIB, Hint or Comment text
Pair statistics of current pair available by right-clicking on the Q or A dialog
Pair numbers in table views are highlighted with red for disabled pairs and green for priority pairs

The following new features are available in WinFlash Educator:

Browse, select, download and store any of FlashcardExchange's 40+ million flashcards for use with Educator from within the program
Export study files as a series of jpg's for direct use on any device that can show jpg graphic files   
Export study files as a rtf tables, retaining all font effects - useful for extracting data from study files 
Educator can now be installed on any USB-interfaced drive (e.g. a "thumb" drive) so you can use your study files on any USB-equipped Windows computer without installing WinFlash on that computer
Default foreign language keyboards can be assigned to both the Question and Answer, automatically switching to the correct keyboard mapping when entering data in the Editor and when entering answers in fill-in-the-blank mode
Auto Spell mode allows a single entry of spelling words in the Editor's Question input box - word is read by Text-To-Speech and answer entered using the fill-in-the-blank entry mode  
Pop Up Mode expanded and improved 
Rich-text-format notes file associated with each study file allows free-form notes to be made using either WordPad or Word (if installed) - accessible at any time via a new main menu speed button    
'Say Again' button on Main Window button bar rereads the Q or A that's displayed when Text To Speech is enabled    
Hints and Comments can now optionally be read with Text To Speech
Associated statistics (e.g. Leitner Box) can now be retained when creating new decks using the Create Composite Source File tool
Current file only mode now available in Create Composite Source File tool so a second file does not need to be selected if you aren't going to use it    
Check for Duplicates displays duplicates in a table - making it easy to delete unwanted pair(s)
A new security option has been added which requests a password to access any function which can alter the contents of an open study file - prevents accidental data modification

Note: Old .FLS and .FLU study files will work just fine with v12.  Simply open them with the new program and the new entries for the .FLD file will be automatically created the first time you open the file in v12.  

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