Licensing WinFlash For Distribution

You're probably already aware that WinFlash Educator can create sophisticated and effective study files and that the free award-winning WinFlash Basic provides a flexible and powerful study tool for their use.

If you are preparing a set of study files to accompany your next textbook, wish to publish a computer-based course for a standard professional exam or have some other project in mind that needs a top-rated study engine, we have a ready-made solution for you.

Open Window Software has developed customized versions of WinFlash Basic/WinFlash Educator that are ideal for this type of application. The distributable version of WinFlash can be tailored to your requirements and will operate with your published material only. We invite you to download the demonstration version of WinFlash below to evaluate the possibilities in detail.

Once you've looked over the demo, please contact us to discuss licensing arrangements.

[Download Demonstration Of Customized WinFlash Basic]

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