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From SimTel's Famous Dr. FileFinder...
"...WinFlash Educator is one of the best overall educational programs it's been my pleasure to work with. And I give it my highest recommendation. Try it!"

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From ZDNet
"...Whether building study aids for high school and college students or training systems for professional development programs, you'll find this program invaluable." - ZDNet Reviewer - Rated

From ZDNet
"...This computer-based flashcard style system is a great training tool, whether it's corporate training/certification or home schooling. With new test generation, administration and scoring modules, it's the most richly-featured computer-based training system around." - Liz Enbysk

From 3d2f's reviewer...
"...WinFlash Educator takes the flash card creation process to a new level by adding a multitude of exciting features."

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From WorldNetDaily
"...We have been most impressed with the results of using the program. After downloading an Italian deck of 650 verbs, our average success rate went from less than 20 percent to over 65 percent in three weeks. This did not involve particularly a serious effort, as we have simply run through 100 random cards twice a day, which involves two six-minute sessions, for a total daily time commitment of around 12 minutes. " - Vox Day

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