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Additional Skins For WinFlash Basic, Scholar and Educator


Want to increase the number of available skins for your program? Download some or all of the skin collections below!  To install, simply unzip the downloaded skin archive into the Winflash ..\skins directory.  The next time you start WinFlash the new skins will be available in the Options|View|Skins drop-down list.

Skins with a blue theme (includes those in the graphic above)

[Download blueskins.zip - 299Kb]

Skins with a gray theme

[Download grayskins.zip - 329Kb]

Assorted non-gray or blue themes

[Download miscskins.zip - 515Kb]

All skins above in a single .zip archive

[Download allskins.zip - 1.1Mb] 

You can use this free skin converter utility to create additional skins for WinFlash by converting .msstyles XP theme files to .skn files for use with WinFlash.  You can find public domain or free-for-individual-use XP theme's on many sites on the web.  Simply search on "XP Themes" in Google or other search engine. 

[Download Skin Converter - 527Kb]

Are you good with computer graphics?  Download this free skin generator and create your OWN unique skins for WinFlash.  Send us your best ones - if we add them to our collection you'll get a free upgrade to the next version of the program!

[Download Skin Builder - 792Kb]

Please Note!  The Skin Converter and Skin Builder applications are free utilities from the creator of VCLSkin, the software used to support skin capabilities in the WinFlash programs.  We do not provide support for these tools - they are provided for your enjoyment and entertainment as is!

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