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Looking for a program to help your child learn their spelling words? A program that will be time-efficient and easy to use for both of you?

Why buy a 'special purpose' spelling program when WinFlash Educator gives you all the features available in these single function programs AS WELL AS the tools to help your child excel in ALL of their subjects? Check out the directory of free flashcard files available via Flashcard Exchange for an idea of the range of subjects Educator can handle.  Educator can directly download and save any of these study files for use by your child. 

For spelling, Educator has a dedicated mode for producing study files that uses its text-to-speech feature to 'read' the word to the student after which the student types in the word. Upon clicking the 'Check' button, the entry is checked by the program as it displays the correctly-spelled word. Try the Spelling Words example file on Educator's Demo menu to see this mode in action.

For a more personal-sounding experience, Educator also lets you directly record an audio clip of each spelling word using your computer's sound card microphone capability. This clip becomes the 'question' and the student responds by typing in the correct spelling. The student's entry is then checked and scored and the correctly-spelled word is displayed.  Click here to see a step-by-step example of using this method for creating spelling files.

Try WinFlash Educator for free! Download and install a fully-functional trial version of WinFlash Educator - here.

If you would like to see an example of this second method for constructing spelling files, click here to download a spelling file containing three words - aardvark, bureaucrat and cacophony - along with recorded pronunciations.  Install Educator BEFORE downloading the example spelling file so that the My WinFlash Files folder will be present to receive the download.

Winflash Educator has many other features that will keep young learners interested in their studies - see a full description of Educator here.

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