Educator Test Result Display

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This dialog displays the results that have been stored in an .FLR file including

  • Student name
  • Name of test
  • Date test was administered
  • 8-character student ID identifying the test result file
  • Number of questions in the file
  • Number of correct answers
  • Number of skipped answers
  • Percentage score based on (Correct/Total)*100%
  • Percentage score based on ((Correct-Incorrect)/Total)*100%

View (5-column display) or print the results array showing above statistics and one of two array options:

  • A 3-column display in portrait format with question number, score and the actual answer given, if any.
  • A 5-column display in landscape format with question number, score, question text, the actual answer given, if any and the correct answer.
  • Incorrect answers are highlighted in red.

Optionally, view/print only incorrect/skipped answers.

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