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Starting from the top, the Compiled Files Options dialog contains the following data and controls:

Use This Password For File - If this option is selected, you can enter a password to be used in the creation of the .FLZ or .FLT file that the user must enter before being able to use the file. If the option is not selected, then the file will open without asking the user for a password. For .FLZ files, this is the only option that is valid.

Options below only pertain to .FLT files

Test Name (Required) - Enter a short, descriptive name for the test - it will be used in displaying and printing the results of the test.

Limit Test Time - Selecting this option and filling in the number of minutes (whole minutes only) causes the resulting .FLT file to run with the entered time limitation.

Show Introduction - Uses the sources introduction file at the beginning of the test.

Allow Only One Pass Through Questions - Limits the student to viewing each question only one time. Test automatically saves the result file and closes once the last question is answered.

Save Result (.FLR) File - Allows setting the destination directory where the .FLR file will be saved. Default is to save it to the same directory which contains the .FLT file. If you use the To: selection, be sure to enter a full path name which will be accessible on any machine which will be used to administer the test.

As an example, in a networked computer lab where all machines have drive d: mapped to the file server's c: drive you could use:


as the path. Thus, as students completed their tests on the multiple lab machines, all the results would end up in the server's c:\testrslt directory, making it very easy to access and grade the exam.

Message to be shown... - Any message entered here will appear as the first dialog (other than the password dialog if a password has been used) after the .FLT file is loaded. Use this feature to display special instructions to the students.

OK - Initiates the creation of the .FLT or .FLZ file.

Cancel - Exits without creating a file.

Help - Brings up this help topic.

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