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The voices listed below are for SAPI4. You must have this capability installed on your computer before installing these voices.  You can check WinFlash Educator's Options|Speech tab to see if this is installed yet. If it is, the radio buttons to choose between SAPI4 and SAPI5 will be enabled.

If you need to install SAPI4, you can download the installer here:

[Download SAPI4 Setup - 8.8Mb]

The voices below are from the long-defunct Lernout & Hauspie (L&H declared bankruptcy in 2001) and are not as polished as some of the currently-available commercial SAPI5 voices, but you'll probably find them quite adequate for vocabulary studies and similar applications.

After installing and checking SAPI4, simply download and run the installer for the voice(s) you wish to add from those below:

[Download L&H Dutch - dutch.exe - 2.6Mb]
[Download L&H British English - english.exe - 2.5Mb]
[Download L&H French - french.exe - 2.2Mb]
[Download L&H German - german.exe - 2.2Mb]
[Download L&H Italian - italian.exe - 2.0Mb]
[Download L&H Portuguese - port.exe - 2.4Mb]
[Download L&H Spanish - spanish.exe - 2.4Mb]

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