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As any student will tell you, LEARNING can be rewarding and fun. Unfortunately, learning most subjects requires a substantial amount of rote memorization - not so fun. Think of the thousands of facts you draw on every day that were originally mastered by memorization. The multiplication table, letters of the alphabet, notes of the scale, foreign language vocabulary - all these and many more are acquired by memorization. Why not use the most effective method available when tackling this type of task?

The Flashcard Model
Classic flashcards - those 3"x5" cards with the "question" on one side and the "answer" on the other - have been used for centuries to facilitate memorization. Enterprising students have found that creating their OWN flashcard decks on topics they are trying to memorize is the quickest way to master this type of material. The reason for this is two-fold. First, methodically looking at each fact pair each time the deck is reviewed helps fix the information in memory. Second, the act of CONSTRUCTING the cards, stimulating the senses of sight and touch, is a proven aid in helping to retain the information to be memorized.

Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand. - Confucius -

Improving On The Original
The WinFlash programs take the classical flashcard model as a starting point and improve it in a number of ways.

  • Research has shown that the more senses that are involved in the memorization process, the better the retention of the material. WinFlash enables graphic and audio information to be included where desired.
  • WinFlash allows questions to be practiced in realistic test formats: Multiple Choice, Fill-In-The-Blank, True/False and Yes/No. This lets you create and practice the information in the formats you'll be seeing on exams - a very powerful advantage.
  • WinFlash's unique, adjustable algorithms allow you to focus on those questions that you are having trouble mastering, while continuing to verify that you still know the ones you've learned.
  • Boredom often makes putting in sufficient memorization time difficult. WinFlash lets you vary the mode, use audio Cheers & Jeers for reinforcement, study 'against the clock' and more - injecting as much fun as possible into the sessions.
  • The WinFlash system supports both printed flashcards and use of the study decks on a hand-held computer or smartphone. You can even export your study decks to your portable music player as .mp3 files. Now you can capture study opportunities from time that would otherwise be wasted - waiting in line, dead time between classes, even that long commute.

How It Can Help YOU
WinFlash can make the time you spend studying memory-intensive material MUCH more effective. It will virtually 'manufacture' study time by being ready to go (with printed cards, your PDA or iPod) at a second's notice. Creating the materials for WinFlash is easy and enjoyable and, as explained above, an effective part of the learning process. WinFlash will help you reach YOUR learning goals more quickly and with less effort. Click here to see what our users say about their own experiences.

How It Can Help Your Children
With your help, WinFlash is usable even by very young children. We recently developed a deck that helps kids learn the alphabet. Helping your child learn to create their OWN study decks is a rewarding experience for you both. See the comments from enthusiastic parents on our Users Write... page by clicking here.

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Screen Shots of WinFlash Educator
To view the full-sized screen shots and read a brief description of the displayed screen's functionality, simply click on the thumbnail version below.

Question Dialog

A multiple-choice Question dialog, showing graphic and text content, status bar and answer input controls.

Answer Dialog

An Answer dialog, showing graphic and text content, status bar and session continuation controls.

Test-mode Question Dialog

A test-mode fill-in-the-blank Question dialog, showing graphic and text content and special test-mode status bar and answer input controls.

WinFlash Pair Editor

The built-in editor, open to one of the five tabs used for inputting and editing Q&A pairs.

Composite Source File Tool
The Composite Source File creation tool, showing the merging of content from two different source files.

Test/Study File Compiler
The Test/Study File Compiler tool, showing the information input to create a .FLT test file.

Test File Result Viewer
The Test File Result Viewer, displaying the results of a test contained in the encoded .FLR file.

Advanced Statistics Dialog
Educator's statistics dialog - sortable by category or individual pair.


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