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Multiple License Packs


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Licenses can be purchased in discounted "packs" for multiple license needs.  Our Software License Agreement states:


For corporate, institutional or government use, the license fee covers a single, non-server, machine per license only. Open Window Software offers a generous discount on multiple-copy license packs. The shareware version of the program will not run from a server.  Please order server-capable versions directly from Open Window Software.


WinFlash Basic:

# Copies       Pack Price      

   10            $139          

   50                $399          

  200                $999          

 1000          $3,999        


WinFlash Basic Server:

          Price per Server      



WinFlash Scholar:

# Copies       Pack Price      

   10            $219          

   50                $599          

  200          $1,499          

 1000          $5,999        


WinFlash Educator:

# Copies       Pack Price      

   10            $279          

   50                $799          

  200          $1,999          

 1000          $7,999        



License packs can be combined for best pricing.  For example, an installation of 300 WinFlash Basic licenses could be purchased as one 200-license pack and  two 50-license packs for a total cost of $1,797.


Please contact Open Window Software for a quote on license packs larger than 1000 licenses.  


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